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About Compu-CAD Training & Services Limited


Compu-CAD Training & Services Limited is a limited liability partnership with three Bermudian partners. Compu-CAD Training & Services Limited is managed by Troy Lewis and Quinell Francis. Informal surveys within the construction, architectural and engineering industries and requests for personal AutoCAD training by persons from the aforementioned industries, revealed a need in Bermuda for a structured AutoCAD Training Centre.


In 1997, Drafting Into The Future opened its doors as an AutoCAD training facility fromthe CAD lab at Cedarbridge Academy. Recognizing that the majority of their students were local architects and engineers and constant request for drafting support, the principals were prompted to expand services to include AutoCAD Drafting and Plotting services. In 2001 the company changed its name to Compu-CAD Training & Services Limited with the inclusion of Land Surveying and Project Management services.

Troy Lewis

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Quinell Francis

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